Aaron Ansarov began his creative career in the woods of Central Florida by running deep into the ‘jungle’ with moccasins on his feet and Rambo knife on his belt. All with hopes of getting lost so he could use his compass and survival gear. He was 8 years old. It was about that time he started to sketch and his mother, also an artist, put him in art classes. It was around that time he picked up his first camera and it has been his canvas of choice ever since. After High School Aaron joined the U.S. military with the same goals of getting lost in the woods, but this time using a camera to find his way. He joined the Navy as a ‘Photographer’s mate’ and quickly became the top of his field.

His military bio is available at: Military Photographers


After nearly 15 years as one of the military’s top photographers Aaron retired in 2007 and moved back to South Florida where he settled in Delray Beach and about a mile from the ocean. He converted his skills as an award-winning photojournalist to more challenging commercial photography for local businesses and magazines. He later founded the nation’s only 100% veteran owned and operated photo agency where today it represents over 150 veterans in 24 states. His wife, Anna, is also a working professional photographer who shoots portraits and events for affluent families throughout the state. Both continually work together on personal projects and in building stock images for sale through various agencies.

Aaron’s photo agency can be found at Legion Photo

Anna’s website can be seen at ANA Creatives

Journey into Fine Art:

In 2009, Aaron decided to go back to college with the hopes of augmenting his photography career with a degree in Advertising. During this three years as a full-time student at the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale, Aaron quickly realized he was drifting back to his roots as an artist and after reflecting on what made him happiest, Aaron decided to start spending more time on personal fine art projects.

One such project, titled “My Backyard” began while exploring his backyard creatures with his first-born son, Corbin. This project is now featured in a 4 page Photo Journal feature about him in June’s (2013) issue of National Geographic.

Other projects have included “ONE to ONE” (where Aaron examines the human skin, by mapping entire faces and body parts from three inches away using a macro lens) and “Form” (where Aaron pours paint on the nude body and digitally erases everything not covered in paint).

Most Recent Work:

Aaron graduated Magna Cum Laude with Best Portfolio from The Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. A few weeks later, he created a new body of work that has recently become an international sensation. This fine art collection, titled “Zooids”, was created by capturing live Portuguese Man O War photographing them on a home-made light table and then releasing them back to the beach where found. This body of work was produced with the devoted help of his wife Anna and made over the period of several months, countless visits to the beach and the capture and release of hundreds of Man O War. Images from this work can be found at Zooids

Artwork and merchandise:

Aaron has begun a line of fine art limited edition prints of the Zooid collection. Each print is personally signed and numbered in addition to having Aarons “trigger finger print” stamped on each unit as a unique verification of authenticity. These items are available for sale on Aaron’s website, In addition to the prints Aaron is selling fashionable T-shirts and ties featuring his “Zooid” designs. Commercial clients are invited to propose business opportunities regarding Aaron’s photography.

Awards and Honors:

  • Aaron’s most recent achievement is having one of his Zooids featured in the 62nd All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition.
  • During his military career, Aaron has received over 35 prestigious awards as Military Photographer of the Year.
  • Featured twice in a row in American Photo magazine’s bi-annual print photo competition. (Competition 6 and 7)
  • DC Photo Challenge, 1st and 2nd Place Russ Egnor Cup and Best in Show
  • Columbia Scholastic Press Association 2nd place Photographic Portfolio
  • Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale’s Best Portfolio Award


Select commercial clients include: Arnold Worldwide, GMMB, Scholastic, Tag Heuer, Harper Collins Publishers, A Day in the Life of U.S. Military, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Sony Electronics, Conde Naste Publishings, Pocket Wizard and more.

Select editorial clients include: National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, GQ Magazine, Nikon Pro magazine, American Photo, Popular Photography, The Stanley Foun- dation’s ‘Courier’, Business Jet Traveler, ENR, Florida Trend, Soldiers of Fortune, Intelligence Report, National Guard’s GX, Trot magazine, American Legion, Animal Sheltering Magazine and many more.

Aaron has been published in every military editorial magazine available in the country and overseas.

Viral Attention to Zooids:

The following links are to articles and features about Aaron’s Zooids project.

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