An honest review of Big Acrylic

I was recently contacted by a Mark Alper at to check out his services. We sent him one of my Rorshachum Natura collection to give it a go. The process they went with was to print directly onto acrylic in a way that allows for the image to be seen from the other side. This allows for the image to then be mounted either on a wall or inside a light box with light to go through it. I was impressed with their color matching as I have had issues with other printers in the past. What I wan’t too thrilled with is their inability to print above 150 dpi. This however is minimized by their ability to print very large sizes at a very competitive prices. I use a high end printer locally that uses a different process which allows for me to meet my discerning collector’s needs and at a much higher detail, but their costs make it tough for me to make it affordable to many, but now I can make comparable prints and allow me to provide affordable alternatives to a more retail client. These of course would not be signed or limited editions, but rather reprints for commercial enterprise.
Another thing I noticed was the pitting at the edges which are one of the side affects of printing directly onto the acrylic and cutting (I’m assuming) as opposed to sandwiching or gluing the print directly onto the acrylic (never had this problem with my local guy.
In the end I am still satisfied with this capability and how affordable it is getting for my non-collector clients. To top it off, Mark is very approachable and eager to satisfy. He is quick to respond to all my questions and willing to help as much as possible.
I would recommend him for your family and event photos. Not necessarily for fine art that you plan to keep for long.
We plan on using this company very soon for our services with my wife’s company at ANA Creatives.